Monday, December 28, 2009

no picture.

Riley is now officially at that age where she doesn’t want her picture taken.  Boooooo!!!!!!!!!  She see’s my camera coming for her, and she says, “no picture.”  What’s worse, is she says it with a frown!  So, it looks like I am going to have to take her picture when she’s not looking….like today.

so thankful...

There are so many things to be thankful for this year.  Thankful we have all have stayed healthy, that we have a place to call home, all of our friends and family who constantly love and encourage us and touch our lives.  Thankful we have cars to drive, and jobs.  Thankful we both love what we do.  Marky gets to talk surf for 8 hours everyday at HSS, and I get to take pictures.  Thankful for my friend Kimee, who has guided me on the road to photography.  Thankful for Riley’s spunky personality, and for all her joy she brings us, and we’re sometimes thankful for her fits she thows…. mostly cause it brings us laughter.  We are mostly thankful AND blessed to children of God.  Thankful He is our Savior, and that He loves us for who we are.  We pray that God will continue to bless us just as much next year.
Here are the 4 grandkids on Thanksgiving…

and this year, Hannah asked that everyone dress up as a Pilgrim or Indian for Thanksgiving….so here’s a picture of those that dressed up!

my flower girl...

A week from today, Riley was Isaac and Victoria’s little flower girl.  She did soooo good!  She walked down the aisle with Bethany, holding hands.  I was sooo nervous that she would throw a fit and cry and scream if she was alone, and saw everyone staring at her! HA!  She did great with Bethany, and she even had her very own mini bouquet!  For now, here are a few of Riley.  I will definitely post LOTS and LOTS more of the wedding soon!!


Riley’s new fave thing to watch is Toy Story 2.  She LOVES Woody.  And I LOVE the way she says it! This week Marky took Riley to Disneyland for a few hours in the morning while I can get some work done, and she came back with a huge woody drink. haha… it is Riley’s favorite thing to drink out of! haha.

Last Month

Here’s Riley at 21 months…
Her little Oshkosh B’Gosh overall dress…

and i love how her hair falls, and frames her face in these next two.

these boots are made for walkin'...

Riley was supposed to be a LadyBug for halloween.  BUT she would NOT wear it!  So I had to look through her closet and piece an outfit together for her that wasn’t costume-y at all.  So I came up with a cowgirl.  I am SOOO glad she was a cowgirl; it’s MUCH more fitting for her than a LadyBug :)  Let me tell you, as soon as I put those boots on her feet, she was FEARLESS!  She walked all over, and I just followed her the ENTIRE day!  She was always looking down at her boots as she walked…it was soooo cute.  We went with Riley’s Mai Mai and her Aunties to Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast for the little festival where Riley played golf, bowled and did a bean bag toss.  THANKFULLY she wasn’t really into the candy.  When she got it, she would just give it to me to hold.  After the church function, we headed downtown to see Daddy and walked down Main St.  After Marky got off, we headed to my parent’s house.  BUSY day for a cowgirl!


The day before Halloween, I got to visit with my best friend, Sarah.  Our babes were dressed in their cute Halloween shirts, and of course we had to snap some pictures of these two besties!

The girls playing with some Monster Candle Holders

Riley, get your butt out of my face!  haha.

I love this!  Riley, you are too sweet!!

Riley what’s that?  Can I have one?

Oh Charlotte, you have the bluest eyes ever, just like your mama, and your daddy’s one eye.


Last night we had a little family date night! :)  We bought a pumpkin (bun-kin), Riley drew on it, we carved it, made pumpkin seeds, drank some apple cider and watched Charlie Brown’s Halloween movie.  Riley was so loving her pumpkin.  After it was carved, and put a candle in it, she kept trying to pull to top off to look at the candle, then blow it out! haha….here are some pictures from our night

14 days

4 days from today, is Victoria’s BIG DAY!  Just 14 days.  This week I was able to take her out to dinner and just hang out, alone.  It was so nice, relaxing and something I will always cherish.  Our sweet time we spent together, just days before her wedding! :)

i love you victoria, and am sooo excited for you….14 days, you beautiful bride!!  

french braids

When I was little, my mom ALWAYS put my hair in 2 french braids.  I loved it!  Well Riley has so much hair, that it’s nice to do that side braid I do, so all the hair is OUT of her face!  But she’s gotta be in a good mood, and occupied.  Last week my mom asked if her hair would fit in 2 braids…never tried.  Until yesterday.  Her hair is totally long enough for 2 french braids!  Although…her hair is sooo soft and sooo fine, that it wans’t as tight as I would have liked.  But I still LOVE it, and it makes her hair look soooo long!!


My husband is SO good looking!!!

Yeah, you’re right….He’s SMOKIN’ HOT!

white girl can jump!

sneak peek of Riley's costume...

I love...

when Riley sits indian style in her carseat. hhahaha

God is GOOD!

God is definitely at work here in our home…In the past few days, God has shown us so much, and we have never leaned on him as much as this week!  We have received a handful of blessings and lots of prayers.  All I can say is GOD IS GOOD!


Riley LOVES food, but mostly beans or pastas.  Today it was pasta….

happy 34 years!

This weekend, my mom and dad celebrated 34 years of marriage!!  THIRTY FOUR YEARS!?!?!  yowza!  We went out to Buca di Bepo (wait, is that how you spell it?) in Huntington Beach, with all the kids, and grandkids!  It was one TIGHT booth!!! Here is a few pictures that Sally took…

my sister's getting married!

…IN SIX WEEKS!!!!  Yes, Victoria Rose will be saying ‘I DO’ to her Isaac in six weeks!!  She has actually only been planning her wedding for six weeks, so she is now at the half way point!  This weekend we celebrated her, by having an English-themed bridal shower.  It was beautiful, and Victoria was glowing!!  Victoria is getting the most elegant dress made, where Isaac just may faint when he see’s how stunning she is!!!!
SIX WEEKS, Victoria will be moving into a new life.  A new last name.  A new city.  A wife.  As she will embrace being a wife, she will be adjusting to a new city.  Isaac bought Victoria a house up where he is from; Sonora, Ca.  In six weeks, I will be missing her…missing not seeing her each week.
SIX short weeks until Victoria will be a Dominick, and she will be Isaac’s sweet and loving wife!